what we do

In sweden

We give children the conditions for a happy childhood by basic values such as freedom, communication, security, learning, democracy, empathy, and equality, as well as nonviolent upbringing and other activities like:

Integration of new immigrants

We help immigrants integrate into Swedish society through language and subject courses.

Cultural encounters and exchanges

We create cultural exchange through events, information forums and learning environments.

Children and families'development

We also organize activities that contribute to the development of both children and families

Free computer training and courses

We offer free computer courses to empower those with little or no knowledge s in order to help them take charge of their own lives

In africa

Hopp för Generationer support local actors so that they may themselves devise, develop, and implement communities’ projects. Its aim is to build the capacities and promote the autonomy of population group, so that they can take charge sustainably of their future

What we're doing in Africa

The protection of vulnerable children

We are committed to protecting vulnerable children through our community-based care and support programs in education, nutrition & health, care, lobbying & advocacy, and so on.

Food shock and crisis response programs

We helps young people by developing income-generating activities, creating jobs, as well as reintegrating and rehabilitating vulnerable groups.

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

We promote local techniques that contribute to the sustainable management of creation, training, and distribution of resources in favor of women and young leaders in environmental education.

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We have a network of brilliant young people and parents from various countries; you can join us and make an impact together

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Give your financial support to our organization so that we can continue our work and make a difference in the lives of millions.


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Join us in creating a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful future for vulnerable children and mothers.

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